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My Shoutouts.

name: Sue
Location: Dallas
comment: I was surprised I came accross this! Cant wait to show the boys that they are one the website! Good luck in new york. stay in contact-Sue
Name: CR
Location: St. Louis
Website: www.iamthebiggestloser.com
Comment: I think you are the most not hot person i've ever met.  Plus, you were the worst freshman year roomate...ever.

Shouter: Jamie the REG SAN groupie
Location: Bwood
Shoutee: The hottest lead singer on the planet
ShoutOut: Where is your regular sanchez section!?! I want pictures, soundbytes, lyrics...the WORKS! if you boys are gunna be superstars you need to start somewhere...and that is on j's page for petes sake! Some tips for your picture page--> Ones of your groupies to make it a little more hot and spicy.  LOVE YOU JAY

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