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J's Advice on Life

Here are some useful tips to guide you through those trying times

Never give anyone the benefit of the the doubt. It will always come back to bite you in the ass.


You never have to give up on your dreams, but you do have to be pragmatic once you turn 30.


New York City is not the center of the universe.


Don't fly coach on Trans-Atlantic flights.


A simple smile is a good reaction to any situation.


You only have problems if you worry about them.


Don't miss the express train.


When you make a mistake, accept responsibility, and move on.

Look up at the stars every now and then.


Plan your days, not your life.


If you work too hard, you'll just get more work.


Real friends tell you when you have food in your teeth.


Trust is foolish.


Try it before you knock it.


Don't be an acting Major. You're BA will be worthless.


If you want to know, ask. If someone asks, tell them.


Don't live in a Frat House if you're a neat freak.


Buy as much Puma footwear as you can afford.


Don't Fuck with me.


Cornrows don't look good on any White or Asian people, so don't try.


If you call me, and you haven't called me in a month, I know you want something from me. So don't pretend you're calling to say hi.


Get a new cell phone every year.


Always hope for the best, and plan for the worst.


Don’t get the big peanut butter jar, its harder to get the peanut butter out of the bottom.


Always have a chilled bottle of White Wine, a chilled bottle of Champagne, and a bottle of Red Wine.


When shopping, set a limit for how much you can spend, before you enter a store.


Don’t let yourself get fat. Its much harder to lose it than keep it off.


If you have to ask someone if they like the way something looks on you, then you shouldn’t wear it.


Liquid fabric softener is better than dryer sheets. Using both is heaven.


Always keep a dose of chocolate nearby for emergencies.


Don’t let American Puritanical values get in the way of your happiness.


When life’s got you down, and you only have 10 bucks,


Don’t resist new trends just to be cool, but don’t try to be cool by going with new trends.


Don’t make up statistics on the spot.


It’s ok to judge people, their judging you. (Just don’t let them know you’re judging them.)


If you love someone, tell them.


When not in a relationship, watch either Casablanca or Desk Set at least once a month.


Always dress down at formal events.


Don’t say goodbye unless you say it like you mean it.


Don't break into someone else's room to have sex with some slut on your "friend's" couch.