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To Do List

In no particular order
Last Updated: 28 February 2008, 2:52:16 EST
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Get a dog
  • Invent a word that other people use
  • Drink Water
  • Go an entire year without flying coach
  • Improve my Credit Score
  • Buy property in South America
  • Open a Small Business Consulting Firm
  • Figure out my life
  • Find new friends
  • Learn how to dance
  • Lose 10 pounds again*
  • Get over leaving college
  • Drive to Brazil
  • Beat Super Mario World in under 20 minutes
  • Find Waldo, in real life
  • Have a Torso thats bigger than my ass
  • Learn how to sing
  • Lose my ability to feel guilt *
  • Check on my pledges (even though they're not pledges anymore)
  • Watch all episodes of 24
  • Survive an entire year without getting money from my parents (haha, right)
  • Pack light *
  • Update my website every week
  • Be a nice person
  • Go on vocal rest
  • Procreate
  • Sell a song
  • Win despite my luck
  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Be prepared
  • Drop the self-involved overconfident front
  • Forgive and Forget
  • Be humble
  • Make a 45 second mid-song costume change *
  • Stop a show
  • Stop a show on a first entrance
  • Be a dancer
  • Remember all the freshman I meet
  • Be as skinny as Benn
  • Wash jeans without losing softness or character, and without shrinking*
  • Recieve 5 im's in 1 minute (got 3)
  • Take the perfect picture
  • Actually swim in the ocean *
  • Perfect my homeade BBQ sauce
  • Change a flat tire by myself *
  • Grow an edible plant from scratch
  • Get the dent out of the hood of my car that Ryan G put there
  • Type at 20 wpm using T9 input on my celly *
  • Learn to tap dance *
  • Easily take off a sweaty T-shirt
  • Find the perfect pair of jeans *
  • Skydive in all 48 contiguous states (2 down, 46 to go)
  • Figure out a way to have ten kids
  • Change someone's life
  • Graduate from college *
  • Grow up
  • Meet Gary Oldman
  • Go to Australia
  • Go to Australia
  • Speak Spanish Fluently
  • Move from Australia to Spain
  • Win a dance contest at a club
  • Run a mile in under 5:30
  • Lose 15 pounds*
  • Gain it back*
  • Gain it back again
  • Actually look at my to do list, and do the things on it
  • Tell my mom I love her
  • Stop saying like
  • Play a role no one thinks that I can
  • Be independent
  • See as many shows as Ben*
  • Eat Brocolli*
  • Get stung by a bee
  • Cus myself out for letting a bee sting me
  • Send my son(s) to St. Mark's
  • Take my son(s) out of St. Mark's in high school
  • Spend 6 months in New York
  • Find boxers that don't ride up when wearing jeans
  • Learn French
  • Spend $1000 on clothes in one day *
  • Kill all germs everywhere
  • Memorize all the names of all the types of clouds
  • Eat*
  • Win a real game of Solitaire *
  • Find a glow in the dark Spongebob
  • Figure out a way to get gasoline smell without the toxic fumes
  • Understand women
  • Convince friends to write people as peepal
  • Make white peepal like black peepal (nevermind, it'll never happen)
  • Ride an Ostrich (I saw an Ostrich farm in Mexico)
  • Drown stupid people
  • Obtain one of every electronic device
  • Get the dead crust off my big toes
  • Remove the scar off my right arm
  • Learn to say "fuck you" in 10 different langauges
  • Open Trammell's eyes*
  • Covince Architects to make bathroom doors swing outwards, not inwards
  • Find instant sunless tan solution for black people*


* denotes completed item

Roles I want to play:

  • Jesus – Reefer Madness
  • The Witch – Into the Woods
  • Walter Lee – A Raisin in the Sun
  • Harold Hill – The Music Man
  • George/George – Sunday in the Park with George
  • Dr. Henry Jekyll/ Edward Hyde – Jekyll & Hyde
  • Ensemble – 42nd Street*
  • Ensemble/Seaweed u/s – Hairspray
  • Robert – Company
  • Bernardo – West Side Story
  • Ensemble or Billy Flynn – Chicago
  • Pirelli – Sweeney Todd
  • Jack – Nightmare Before Christmas (it might happen)
  • Baker – Into the Woods
  • Leading Player – Pippin
  • Audrey II – Little Shop of Horrors

  • Titles of Books I want to write:
    What I Forgot When I Grew Up:
    The Naturally Enlightened Child
    Don't Say "The", that Word Offends Me:
    Inherent Nonsense of Being PC
    Hair Care 101:
    The College Guy's Quick Guide to Healthier Hair
    Eat Shell Bitch:
    Diary of a Super Mario Kart Addict
    All You People are the Same:
    A List of Useful Stereotypes
    Broadway Shows are Stupid:
    An Attack on the Monstrosity of
    American Musical Theatre

    It's quite possible that I might actually do all these...