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100 Things you may or may not know about J Reese

  1. When I was 8, I nearly cut off my left middle finger while trying to cut a hot dog.
  2. I've only gotten sunburn twice. 
  3. I can make Jumbalaya.
  4. I live alone.
  5. I went to an all boy prep school for 11 years.
  6. I am a Super Mario Kart fanatic, and except for my pledge son, I am unbeatable in Battle Mode.
  7. I’ve been in three shows in a row that required me to wear one or more wigs.
  8. I’ve skydived 4 times.
  9. I own 5 Meg Ryan movies.
  10. For my 22nd birthday, I asked for and received a 14.4 volt DeWalt drill.
  11. I lost 30 pounds in 2007.
  12. States I’ve never been to: Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Vermont
  13. I make friends by offering them Starbursts.
  14. If you ask me, I’ll give you an autographed headshot.
  15. I have 15 email addresses.
  16. I lost Michael Connor’s Television, but I bought him a new one.
  17. I’m not half bad with a handgun.
  18. My car’s name is Fievel.
  19. For 2 years in high school, I wanted to be a pyrotechnician.
  20. I have an intense fear of stinging insects.
  21. I don’t wear black or brown dress shoes.
  22. I have 8.5 days of Musical Theatre on my computer.
  23. I met Sidney Poitier at a movie theatre. (My dad was talking to him while I went to take a piss)
  24. When I hadn’t been to the Nordstrom’s in the West County Westfield Mall for 4 weeeks, I was sent a handwritten note to see if I was ok.
  25. I’ve been maintaining J Pages since April 2001.
  26. I only eat chicken flavored ramen.
  27. When I’m at home, I usually pee sitting down.
  28. The last time I had a birthday party was when I turned 5.
  29. I have a tattoo on my lower back.
  30. I’ve only been in one car accident that was my fault. It was the first day I had my license, and there was no visible damage to either car involved.
  31. Sometimes I floss 3 times in the same day.
  32. I have flat feet.
  33. My Family calls me John.
  34. During the summer of 2003, I saw 42nd Street for the second time. Having never tapped before, I decided that I wanted to be in it one day. I started taking tap that summer. In the summer of 2005, I was in a professional production of 42nd Street.
  35. My arms are unusually long for my torso. All of my jackets and long sleeve shirts that aren’t tailor made are short on them.
  36. I got the nickname Jay in high school track, when there were 4 different Johns on the Track team. The 4x4 team started calling me Jay. It stuck.
  37. I have a birthmark on my left foot.
  38. I only read non-fiction.
  39. I can’t sit “Indian” style.
  40. I have a scar on my left arm from high school football.
  41. My oldest possession is my teddy bear. I’ve slept with it since before I could talk.
  42. I didn’t eat hamburgers until I was a senior in high school. In n Out changed my mind.
  43. I have astigmatism.
  44. I write in cursive.
  45. I have a mole on the back of my head. You can only see it when I’m bald.
  46. I’m United Methodist, but I’ve been to more Bar Mitzvahs than Confirmations.
  47. I was passenger in a Jeep Wrangler when my friend hit a tree in a parking lot. I had not yet put on my seatbelt, and I busted the windshield, with my forehead. I had no cuts, or head injuries.
  48. I’m morally against saying “excuse me” after you burp. You shouldn’t apologize for something completely natural.
  49. I was born during a Cowboys Labor Day game. A cop pulled over my dad on the way to the hospital for speeding, then escorted them the rest of the way. The Cowboys came back from behind (23-3), to beat the Washington Redskins (31-30).
  50. As a child, I had allergic reactions to excessive heat.
  51. I'll try almost anything at least once, but not twice.
  52. I wear sandals all year round, unless its snowing, or below 32 degrees, and even then I sometimes wear sandals.
  53. I didin't eat eggs until I was 23.
  54. Same with Mashed Potatoes.
  55. I enjoy setting up wireless networks.
  56. I have a Mac, and a PC.
  57. I've gained 40 pounds in college.
  58. I own, but don't like wearing contact lenses.
  59. I'm a dog person.
  60. I'm anti-politically correct, and it offends most people who don't know me.
  61. I was the second Black initiate into the Beta-Sigma Chapter of Kappa Sigma, since 1902. (Although, there is no hard evidence that there was ever another before me, just a picture)
  62. The only book that I've read cover to cover is Catcher in the Rye. Its also the only book I've ever read more than once.
  63. People who are intimidated by me, usually intimidate me more than I intimidate them.
  64. I collect stuffed frogs.
  65. I love road trips.
  66. I never buy pens, I steal them every chance I get.
  67. Chicago is my favorite city in the US.
  68. I wear boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. It splits about 30/20/50.
  69. I'm extremely afraid of death. I've passed out thinking about it.
  70. I can't sleep without a TV on in the Background.
  71. Top 3 most played songs in iTunes
    3: Not for the Life of Me - Thoroughly Modern Millie
    Play Count- 44
    2: You Can't Stop the Beat - Hairspray
    Play Count- 47
    1: Welcome to the 60's- Hairspray
    Play Count- 66
  72. Top 3 Non-musical songs
    3: More than a Woman- Aalyah
    Play Count- 6
    2: Feeling Good- Michael Bublé
    Play Count- 7
    1: Esta Tarde Vi Llover- Claudia Acuna
    Play count- 9
  73. I own a hat with the confederate flag on it.
  74. I shocked myself by sticking a paperclip into a power strip when I was 8. My hand turned black, and the paperclip fused to the metal power strip.
  75. I love trucks.
  76. I practice my smile for photo ops.
  77. I played the Double Bass with Wynton Marsalis.
  78. In kindergarten, a classmate thought that I was an Aborigine because we saw a picture of them in a book, and she thought I looked like them.
  79. I don't like using real dishes. I prefer paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic utensils.
  80. I rode a camel for publicity photos when I was 7.
  81. I don't grow hair on my arms.
  82. I'm allergic to fish.
  83. I almost hit a child with a golf cart when I was 13.
  84. I tan.
  85. I have a white son who is only one year younger than me. His name is Nick, and we eat at PF Chang's together.
  86. I hate it when people try to impress me.
  87. I can tell the difference between Sprite, Slice, and 7up. I like Sprite the best.
  88. I wear the cologne Wings for Men.
  89. I actually believe that the end of the world is coming within the next 20 years.
  90. My first CD was the soundtrack to Aladdin.
  91. I hate loud music.
  92. I wanted to be on the TV show Kids Incorperated.
  93. I sometimes eat pizza with a knife and fork.
  94. I like sleeping on couches better than sleeping on a bed.
  95. I typed the last 50 trivia of this list in one sitting.
  96. I enjoy the pain of sore muscles.
  97. Behind the backseat of my truck there are: 6 bungee cords, rope, an elastic net from an old Jeep Grand Cherokee, a First Aid Kit with no Band Aids, a Wire hanger, a jack, and a kite, just in case. (The kite replaced the two I had before it for emergencies)
  98. Sometimes people who talk to me on the phone are shocked to find out I'm black.
  99. I hate to sweat.
  100. One of the things on this list is not true. Email me a guess of which one it is.

If you know anything random about me that you'd like me to add, let me know.