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What's New?

11-29-05: New Page "100 things you may or may not know about J". How many did you know?

10-30-05: New look. New Pictures. Working on some new stuff to add to the site. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see.

03-18-05: New page where you can view the Playbills from the shows I've seen

01-04-05: New Reviews Page; Check it out if you're going to New York and want to see some shows...

06-08-04: new look

08-08-03: you can get here using www.jreese.net

08-04-03: No more ADS!! That's right folks, and as of Look for many more pictures and other fun things in the coming fall.

06-09-03: To Do List

05-03-03: GuestMap, GuestBook, and new Contact J methods

04-25-03: Spongebob

04-19-03: Listen to my band on the Download Page.

03-11-03: Auto Last updated below, I'll only post dates now when there is something new.

02-12-03: Download Page

01-29-03: Pictures!!!

01-21-03: sorry it's been so damn long, but college life is busy. everything is new except pictures, but the next time i sit down at the puter i'm gonna put some up.

05-11-02: new quote page with many added quotes. pictures coming soon. more poems.

04-13-02: new site of the week, every week from now on, a couple of my poems, please participate in my Bill Tracker

04-04-02: new poetry page, please submit works for me to post, college update, more shoutouts

03-11-02: california update in "The man behind the name" quotes and links, more pictures coming VERY soon, check back

11-06-01: california update in "The man behind the name" quotes and shout outs

07-25-01: even more shoutouts, pictures, and quotes

06-20-01: new shout outs and quotes

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